In The Mood for GLENN MILLER

The world’s most authentic Glenn Miller show in original setup and with the original sound


Even though three officially licensed “Glenn Miller Orchestras” tour in parts of the world, there is one more orchestra dedicated to the most original reproduction of the Glenn Miller sound.

Jack Coenen with the Jack Million Band performs regularly on "Glenn Miller Birthplace Festival” and has earned international fame by authorities in the music of Glenn Miller.

Close your eyes and hear the real sound – live !

Jack Coenen worked with the original band members Zeke Zarchy (trumpet), Paul Tanner (trombone) and John Best (trumpet) where he learned pure Miller-Style - right form the roots. Jack then played three years in the European "Glenn Miller Orchestra" and toured through Europe and Japan. He arranges music for the Glenn Miller Orchestra.

“your band is really tops”
Wynne Miller - Glenn Miller’s niece

“one of the very best big band that I have seen”
Pete King - Big Band Buddies International Magazine, UK

“best-rehearsed unit I've heard for some time”
Don Martin - in the Miller notes, Clarinda, Iowa

"one of the very best Miller-style one which I have heard in more than 50 years"
Henry Holloway - South African big band radio show host

“among the top two or three bands we have had in our 28 year festival history”
Marvin Negley, President of the Glenn Miller Birthplace Society, Clarinda, Iowa